Thursday, April 16, 2009

Doin' it up in the Windy City

Me & the "Roomies"
These two lovely ladies were my roommates for the four years in college. We had many an adventure and I could go on for hours and hours telling all kinds of stories from those crazy times.
Lauren (the middle one - and bride in the picture) and Jessie (short hair on the left side) both grew up in suburbs of Chicago, and now live in the city. Lauren got married four years ago this summer, and other than a few hours the day of Grandpa's funeral in June, I haven't seen either of them since then. A trip to the Windy City was long overdue. I drove down on Friday, and got there just in time to enjoy dinner on Friday night. In college, we played board games until all hours of the night, so it felt only right to do that again. Lauren, Matt (Lauren's husband), Jessie, and Ben (Jessie's boyfriend), play a game called Hoopla a lot, so we played that. It was super fun.
On Friday, we walked around all the shops in Lauren and Matt's neighborhood, then went to Ben & Jessie's neighborhood and walked around there. I got a funky bracelet and a new pair of shoes - perfect "souveniers" from the city. Ben & Jessie made a delicious dinner, and I ate some of the best pie I've ever had in my life.
On Sunday, we drove out to the suburbs and had a delicious brunch with Lauren's mom and brother. The food was delicious, and it was good to see Lauren's family again. We played Scattegories, and I didn't win, so I don't have much more to say about that. On Sunday night, Lauren, Matt & I went to one of their favorite sports bars, and watched the Cubs game - which is a great experience in Chicago. We walked everywhere (except out to the suburbs, of course), and I love that. After eating a big meal, it feels good to walk.
Lauren took Monday and Tuesday off, and we had plans of going downtown, but the weather was absolutely miserable. Rainy, cold, and windy. Yuck. So we had a change of plans. I got a table runner and some cloth napkins at Crate & Barrel and stocked up on some staples at Trader Joe's. Jessie met Lauren and I for lunch at a mediterranean restaurant, and I ate a delicious falafel. Yum. We then went to the Chicago conservatory, and while it was great, the most memorable part was at the end when Lauren dropped her cell phone in the toilet. Not so funny for Lauren because her phone doesn't work, but funny for us bystanders. I'm not sure if I was feeling earthy from being at the conservatory, but we went to a plant store, and I bought a plant. The plant was actually more of a vehicle to buy a beautiful pot that I wanted. The only plant I've ever kept alive are the two peace lillies in our office, so I stuck with what I know.
By Tuesday, Lauren and I were pooped. We only decided what to do with our day at 11:30, and that was going to a movie at 1. After the movie, we came home, and sat on the couch, ate cookies and drank tea. Great day! We went to a fabulous thai restaurant, then to a comic improv show.
And yesterday, I drove home 9 hours. So there's my weekend in Chicago. Fabulous times with fabulous friends.


Brooke said...

What a great time. I've never been there, except the airport, which probably doesn't count.

The bread class was fun. I would totally plan a date for us to do it together, and Janet too, if she wanted. I felt bad you had to miss it, but obviously for good reason.


Sissy, I always love your stories...tell me more about the Scattergories experience. :-) Love you.