Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tickets, Galore!

I received two very exciting emails today - both from TicketMaster. The first was notifying me of available tickets for this Saturday's Iowa football game vs. Purdue in Iowa City. There a lot of tickets still available (VERY unusual) and they're some fairly decent seats for $35. So I have to first decide if this is spontaneous and exciting or tiring and unrealistic. Oh, and I'd have to convince at least one person to join me in the adventure. Any takers?????

Now I'm home for lunch, and found in my email an alert I've been waiting years for. No kidding. When I was in high school and heard that they were creating a Broadway show using all Billy Joel songs, I was ecstatic. But, being in high school, and then the first couple years in college, going to New York City to see the show was not realistic. When I moved the DC, the traveling production left a theatre there a week before I arrived. A couple years ago, when I visited NYC for a weekend, the show stopped playing on Broadway a month before I was there. I just keep missing it. But no longer. "Movin Out" will play at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis for one weekend - March 6-8th (just in time to celebrate my half-birthday). I'll also open this up to anyone who would also enjoy this, but if there are no takers, I have no problem going by myself. I used to do that in DC. I'd get super cheap day-of tickets, and go see shows for like $20 on a random Tuesday night. This won't be so last-minute, but I've been waiting to see this show for 8 or 9 years now, and I'm so excited the wait is over. Something tells me I'll be listening to my Billy Joel playlist a lot between now and March. :-)

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Mychal & Krista said...

as long as i don't work that day and as long as i still have money i would love to go.