Sunday, November 9, 2008

2 Big Wins and some Fondue

I drove from camp to Fergus after a retreat registration on Friday night in slightly suspect road conditions to get to the first volleyball game of the season. I got there a minute before it began to find only two of my teammates there. Fortunately they are my two four-star recruits from the off-season. Both played volleyball in college and are serious players. Which is a good thing because it was just the three of us against a team of seven. Eventually another player showed up, but because of co-ed rules, we couldn't have three guys and one girl, so the guys had to sub out. Of all the people to sub out, or even sit out, it should have been me, but instead me, the worst person on the team, played the entire game. It was a blast, though. There's something about only playing with three people on the court, because you go for everything. You have to. We won all three games and enjoyed doing it. It's gonna be a great season.
Now, according to statisticians and the odds-makers, that should have been the only victory I had to celebrate this weekend. My beloved Hawkeyes hosted the undefeated #3 ranked Penn State Nittany Lions. According to Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit, the College GameDay guys, Iowa would lose, but it would be close. They were wrong! It was a great game. A last-minute interception and field goal to win the game had me jumping up and screaming. Man, I love those Hawkeyes.
A year ago I was shopping with Elise and Kara (my boss' daughters) and we were in a kitchen store where there was a fondue pot for sale. They asked what it was, and after a lame attempt at an explanation, I decided it would be easier to explain by example. So a fondue party was set. That party was last night. I had never made fondue before and Elise and Kara didn't know what it was, so making it was an adventure. All the food turned out really good - especially the chocolate fondue - but the company and experience was even better than the food. We decided that this would be an annual event. Both Elise and Kara brought cameras to capture the event, but we were so wrapped up in making the food, that no pictures were taken. So my accounts filled with specific details will have to paint you a picture to play out in your head.

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