Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I was supposed to get a haircut

I had a highly anticipated haircut scheduled for tonight at 5:15. My hair has been driving me crazy lately because it's all grown out, and I desperately need to get it cut. So I made an appointment.
After work, I had to run to Greg & Janet's house because they have pink princess wrapping paper that I am borrowing for a special little girl's 5th birthday. I left the car running, and ran inside. Only, what I didn't know was that I inadvertantly locked the car, which means, that the car was sitting the driveway, running, with all four doors locked. I called the salon, and moved the appointment to 5:30, but couldn't go any later. My spare key was in my apartment, but my apartment key was connected to the one in the ignition of my currently running car. I tried to call my roommate to make sure she was home, but she wouldn't answer her phone - which I later remembered was because she was at physical therapy. I couldn't remember where she said that was, so I had to call another friend to find out. After finding that out, I ran outside and waited for Greg who was coming home from work, and would take me to get the apartment and car keys. By the time Greg came, my roommate called to say she would be at home. Greg brought me to my house, I got the key from Lindsey, we drove back to Greg & Janet's, and I was back in my car. It was 5:36, and I still had to drive to the other side of town to get to the salon. I called, and it was too late because my stylist had to leave at 6.
So now, I still have the same grown-out, shapeless hair. And the next appointment I could make isn't until Monday, so it's six more days of this. Ick.


Annie said...

That is horrible, getting your haircut is such a fun thing to do. Monday will be that much sweeter! Hope you are well Miss Keeling!

Brooke said...

You are hillarious! I can understand your frustration.

Brooke said...
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Anonymous said...

Grandpa is shaking his head at you this very moment!! I on the other hand love your stories!