Sunday, November 23, 2008

One of the best Weekends in Recent Memory

I spent this weekend at camp for the scrapbooking retreat. I've done this the last two years, it's always a fun time, and I get a lot accomplished. This year, however it was fun to the max. Eight of us share four tables for our workstation, and we were inseperable. Seven of the eight had worked at camp before, so we were bonded before the weekend even began. Even as I'm writing this, I'm trying to think of how to describe what was so fun, and I can't, but what I do know is that my abs are sore from laughing so much. And everything else is sore from exhaustion. Friday we were up until 2 AM, and last night we didn't go to bed until 4:30!!! I am not a late night person, and cannot remember the last time I saw either of those times. And I'd like to say that because we were up so late, we got so much scrapbooking done, and while we did, I don't think the pages finished adequately corresponds to how much time was spent sitting with our stuff. I did, however, finish an album - inadvertantly. While working on my book, and after running out of pages, I realized that I had nearly 40 in my book, and that's the maximum. So I decided that was a good stopping point, and now I'm caught up to 2008. And we're all getting together in three weeks to do this again at another one of the girls' houses, so I'll get caught up then. And, hopefully, my abs will hurt just as much the next day. :-)

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Anonymous said...

This sounds really fun...and from the "Pic in a Pic" album you made for Grandpa and Donna Jean...I bet your newer ones are great too. Is scrapbooking expensive? I think I'd get into it. ** Love you **