Monday, September 22, 2008

The Croup is here to stay, it seems

Well, we're going on day #18 of the cough, and while it isn't as often or as bad, it's still there. It's just like a nagging visitor who over stays their welcome. Not that this was ever welcome, but you get the point. It is, however, getting better, so I feel like going back to the doctor would be futile because he'd just say, "well, you seem to be getting better which is a sign that your body is fighting the virus." (See, I could be a doctor) And my body isn't fighting it as fast as I'd like, but what's a girl to do?
I made pork tenderloin for dinner tonight. First time I've ever purchased or prepared pork. I'm generally not a pork fan because it is usually bland and dry. But this was a pre-marinated roast (which solves the bland problem), and being a tenderloin, I thought I could make sure when I cooked it that it didn't get dried out. Success! It was delicious. I got some fresh green beans from the farmer's stand in the Century 21 parking lot and have discovered that I love Italian Bread, so that capped off a delightful dinner. Actually a chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream cone from DQ capped of a delightful dinner. That roommate of mine is a bad influence.


Anonymous said...

what I hate about blogs is you have to sign in to leave a comment. so i'll just sign in's amy cornell! fun to read up and see what you're up to. dave's had that junk too and it's a never ending deal...:( now doesn't that just make your day?

Anonymous said...

Sissy...what the heck is up with our HAWKS???? Three weeks in a row we gave it away. I'm tired of it! And let's talk about "my" Cubs!! How in the WORLD can they kick bootie for 100+ games and then...HELLO...we forgot how to play baseball for the PLAYOFFS? Your Aunt Cheri is not happy!!! Hope your cough is better. I love and miss you.

Eric, Maralee, & Baby S said...

Hey Lady! Fun to check in and see what you're up to these days. We hope you're feeling back to normal soon!! In the meantime, enjoy your cooking adventures...sounds delicious!