Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Go figure.....

The first day in nearly a week that it doesn't get into the upper 70's is the day I decide to wear shorts and flip flops.

These days when it's nice enough outside to have my windows open, my windows don't have screens. I'm sure they will be installed just in time to start running the air conditioner. **Sidenote: Normally, I'd open my windows without screens, but my windows are level with the ground, and I can just envision a family of squirrels running right into my living room.**

I gave my boss such a hard time about remembering Administrative Professionals Day, but then forgot to do something for my "assistant." (That word seems degrading to me for some reason. I don't mind being referred to as my boss' assistant, but to call my friend who I, technically, oversee in the office my assistant seems condescending).

The first day in months that my contacts are bothering me is also one of the sunniest days, when I can't wear my sunglasses because they don't fit over my glasses.

The one day I'm not starving when I get home from work is the one day I have to eat early, and can't delay dinner because I have to be at youth group.

I just can't seem to catch a break. :-)


tanelson said...

Hey, it can only get brighter right!?! By the way, love your new wallpaper on your blog...very cute!
P.S.- Had a great time last weekend, thanks for the fun!

Anonymous said...

in norway (they don't have screens) we were on the gound level of a relatives house and a mouse jumped in the window off a was fun catching the mouse.