Monday, January 25, 2010

I wonder....

My love of cooking has not gone undocumented on this blog (or in any of my other publications, for that matter). However, I've been beginning to wonder if I'm not that good. I've had some real duds lately, but have no way of knowing if it's my cooking or if they're not good recipes. I've been trying to make good soups, but every one I've tried has been lackluster. I tried two versions of a butternut squash soup and neither of them were good - which I attributed to the possibility that I didn't like squash as much as I thought I did. I tried a chicken noodle soup, but it was only so-so. Tonight I was so excited to try a broccoli cheddar soup that had such potential, but it was kind of pasty.
So my solution is this: I would like to give other proven cooks the same recipes and see (or more likely taste) if it's me or the ingredients. Any takers?
If it turns out that I'm not good, I think I'll just continue right on with what has become one of my favorite past times. Is that silly? To keep doing something you don't necessarily have a knack for.

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shutupchops said...

Pick me! I love soups....and would like to try some of your recipes. Unless they are hard to make, then forget about it. :-)