Friday, December 11, 2009

Insider Trading Tip:

Buy stock in cuddle duds.

Okay, so I don't know much about the stock market, and I know even less about insider trading, but I know enough to know that when people buy a certain product, that product's stock goes up. So I'm here to help you all with your investments - and cuddle duds stock will be rising in the near future. How do I know this? Because I will be responsible for most of it's rise.

I have been determined not to let winter get the best of me (translation: make me miserable) this year. And I thought I was doing good through most of November - however, it was easy to do considering the high in November was in the upper 40's. With December came good old Minnesota winter, and now it's time to kick the non-misery in gear. I've decided that means taking any and all measures necessary to not let the cold bother me (or at least not bother me as much). One of the first things I did was decide to try this "long underwear" I've heard people talk about for so many years. Could it possibly be as great as everyone says it is? Isn't it just leggings or another long-sleeved shirt? I learned very quickly the answer to that questions is NOOOO! Cuddle Duds (the brand of long underwear) are a modern technological marvel. I've never been so warm (when it's this cold outside). I cannot believe the difference it makes. I wear them all day and all night. They are now my new pajamas. And with the frequency of wear comes the demand to purchase more. Thus the stock tip.

It's mutually beneficial. I will be warm and cozy and your portfolio will shoot through the roof. You're welcome.


ML Rusch said...

Amen sister!I love Cuddle Duds! They got me through many awful, cold & long walks on the NDSU campus!

Brooke said...

Thanks for the inside tip! Yes, they are a must for MN!

Olson Rx said...

next step: snuggie.

Aunt Cheri ~ The Great said...

Sissy...I have a pair from last year that I've never worn...or taken out of the package. Want me to send them your way? We can call it your Christmas present. :-)