Monday, September 28, 2009

Four Pairs of Shoes & a Wedding

Last weekend, I was a bridesmaid in my friend, Sara (Cornell) Tysver's wedding. She picked awesome bridesmaids dresses, and told us to pick out our own shoes. The only instruction was that they had to be brown. Our dresses were a dark brown (espresso). I struggled with this because I didn't want to get shoes that matched the dress, and just couldn't find anything I liked.
Three weeks before the wedding, I was in the twin cities for one of Sara's showers, and found pair #1 at Macy's on clearance sale for $21!

I love them! I showed them to Sara and she said she wasn't sure because she thought they might be too light. Sure enough, the week before the wedding, I found out that they were, in fact, too light, and made a run to Fargo to see what I could find there. I found this pair, which I really liked the style of, but was not a fan of the small heel. And they were on clearance sale for $13.

Then I found these shoes, which I love for daily wear, but are kind of boring and corporate, and are not as elegant as the dress. But they had a higher heel and I thought Sara would like these most. Plus, they were only $17, so I thought I'd just keep them for myself if I didn't choose them for the wedding.

Ultimately, I decided to go with the not-so-boring t-strap sandal with the low heel, but wasn't super excited about it.
On the day of the wedding, one of the other bridesmaids was talking about how she had two pairs of shoes, and wasn't sure which pair she was going to wear. She showed us both of them, and she didn't like the pair I chose because she said they weren't as comfortable as the other pair. Then I just kept commenting about how jealous I was that she got to have a high heel. After I said it two or three times, she said to me, "you can have the other ones if you want." I felt like Cinderella trying on the perfectly fit shoe. I was so excited. I asked Steph how much I could buy them for, and she said she got them at Target for $8! I couldn't believe it. They were perfect! High heel, peep toe, shiny and dark brown!

So, when all was said and done, I bought four pairs of shoes for this wedding, totaling $59 - and I'm returning the middle two pairs today. I wear the first pair all the time (they got some wedding action - I wore them to the rehearsal), and the wedding ones go great with jeans.
I love that I just did an entire post about shoes.

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