Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

For those of you who don't know, I have been fervent in my opposition to facebook since I first heard of it. At first, before it's ubiquity, I was opposed because I didn't see any benefit, and in the past year or so, my opposition has been more out of stubbornness. One of the many groups of people who strongly lobbied me to get facebook was my youth group girls. I continually stood my ground and insisted that I would never fall victim to the fad. Well, one of my girls thought she was all too clever and took it upon herself to start an account for me without my knowledge. And now I have facebook, and while I haven't deleted the account, my stubborn streak still shines through in instances such as these. A number of my "friends" have posted the "25 Random Things About Me" list on their profile, which I have enjoyed reading and have thought would be a fun thing to write myself, but don't want to succumb to doing it on facebook. In my whacked out world, I'm not giving in if I post it on my blog. Only the beginning of my craziness..........
1. I love lists - love them. I make at least 3 or 4 lists a day, and that doesn't include the constant, ongoing lists that exist and run through my brain daily.
2. I was the 3rd grade regional spelling bee champion - and I still take a great deal of pride in that.
3. I'm a TV show producer's dream - if you lure me in. I am either entirely dedicated to a show, and make sure I see every single episode, or I don't watch it at all. Nothing in the middle.
4. Attending the University of Iowa changed my life - no cliche.
5. I can't stand sappy, i-love-a-good-cry movies. However, any good sports movie where they come from behind and stand up to adversity brings a tear to my eye every time.
6. I've always liked my name. I never went through that phase where I wanted someone else's or didn't like my own. And I'm so thankful my parents decided to spell it with an -in not an -en at the end.
7. There are pens that make my handwriting look good and others that don't, and after years and years of trying to figure out what the common denominator is amongst the "good-handwriting" pens, I haven't been able to pinpoint (no pun intended) it. I just know what ones do, and I will write phone messages, for instance, twice if I don't take the message with a good one.
8. I have seen a number of movies at least 100 times, and I just learned that this is not common among many people. (Those movies include: Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, The Sandlot, Top Gun, A Few Good Men, Dirty Dancing, The American President, Clueless, and When Harry Met Sally)
9. I have never had the whole I-want-people-to-like-me complex, which in middle and high school boded well for me in light of peer pressure, but as I've gotten older has just made me seem harsh.
10. I vividly remember being about 6 years old, and categorizing my closet, which was a closet shared by my mother and brother, and I also categorized their clothes too.
11. Other than the two "real", post-college jobs I've had, I have no idea what job my skill set and expertise would be used for.
12. I failed driver's ed the first time I took it. And I should have. I was an atrocious driver. I did, however, get 105% in the classroom portion.
13. (Completely unrelated to the above bullet point, I think) I have been pulled over eight times, and only got a ticket three of those times. And I don't know what my trick is, but it works.
14. Few things drive me more crazy or are more useless to me than subtlety. It wastes time. It's easier when people just say what they mean. This is probably why the art of flirting is completely lost on me.
15. I feel most comfortable in business dress clothes. Dress pants, skirts, button-up shirts, and heels. I don't know why, but sometimes I wish that were still what I wore to work.
16. I'm addicted to chap stick. I have been since 6th grade when LipSmackers were really cool, and you would put it on 26 times a day just to show everyone that you had it. Now I have at least six tubes that are currently in use, all strategically placed so I never have to go more than a couple of hours without moisturized lips.
17. The scars and self-consciousness still exist from first grade when a so called friend told me I couldn't be a teacher when I grew up because my arms were too hairy and I'd grow up to be a monkey.
18. I am a terrible gift giver. I think it's because of the aforementioned subtlety thing. Unless I hear you specifically say what you want, I won't pick up on the clues.
19. I can't stand the taste of unmelted butter. I've been told my whole life that it's strange. In my early 20's my dad informed me (not knowing of my aversion), that unmelted butter was one of the most disgusting things to him. Genetics are funny.
20. I have never been beaten up. Not once. My brother is two years younger than me, so I was always bigger and stronger than him. My entire childhood I was told that a day would come when he would be bigger and stronger, but when that day came, I was smart enough to avoid physical fights. So my record remains undefeated.
21. I think, probably daily, about the day when my children are grown, and have children of their own, and my legacy will be those people.
22. I always think about things from the other person's perspective. I think it's my political background, but whenever I'm dealing with any issue, my automatic response is to consider how the opposition views it.
23. The only banana flavored thing I like is actual bananas. The fake banana flavor is disgusting.
24. Two of my favorite pastimes are eating and sleeping, yet I consider myself an active person.
25. I was told many times as a child that I was precocious, and to this day, I don't know what it means.

More than you ever wanted to know, I'm sure.


Brooke said...

#14 hit me as quite funny! All of them were great! I too am not falling for the Facebook phase!

tanelson said...

Oh I totally am with you on the Pen thing! When I find a pen that makes my writing great, I don't want to put it down, I find myself making more lists, just so I can keep writing! Love your post! should come to Fargo soon so we can hang out again!!! Take care, Alissa

Anonymous said...

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