Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's a Party - or rather a Fiesta!

Finally!!! After two years of casually looking, four months of intentionally shopping for, and one month after ordering, I am finally the proud owner of Fiestaware dishes. I found a color I liked online, but couldn't find it in a store anywhere, so I ordered one place setting on September 6th. I decided if I like it I would then order the other 7. Well, it's over a month later, and Linens n Things was still awaiting inventory. Last week, Herberger's had their 5 piece setting on sale for $21.97 (They're usually anywhere from $26 to $48 a set), and I couldn't wait any longer. So I scratched the original plan.
I now have four settings each of shamrock and ivory, and I love them.

Sometimes I forget, and I'm actually surprised when I open the cupboard door. This week, the pieces are buy one get one free, so I'll be getting some of the little fruit bowls, and possibly salad plates. I'm looking forward to expanding the collection.


Sonja said...

we have some fiestaware and i LOVE the big soup bowls they are awesome

ML Rusch said...

Yes, Fiestaware! We too have the Fiesta and the big soup bowls are a must have! Now we have the same dishes and glasses! Although we don't have the fancy one's from the White House!