Friday, September 5, 2008

Life Certainly Does Go On - Quite a Bit of It

Well, there's a lot since July to update on, but the most notable thing from today is that cable and internet were installed in my apartment today. After not having either for the last 15 months, I can't get enough. The roomie and I (that's right - I have a roommate) decided to go with digital cable, and it is impressive. So many options. Plus they have a thing called Cable On Demand where they have 15 or 20 channels where they save their best shows and you can watch them any time. Although I'm frustrated because when the cable guy was here, I saw that TLC was one of the channels, and I had him show what shows were available and there at least 10 episodes of Jon & Kate plus 8 and 5 episodes of What Not to Wear. Now I can't find it. I read the manual, and it doesn't help. It does show all the channels that are supposed to be available and I only can find 2/3 of them, so I know they have to be somewhere. I'm waiting to have someone else help me, and if they can't find it, them I'm going to have to call the cable company.

Other than cable the big event of the week was that I turned the big 27. I spent the whole day at camp, then had a youth group meeting, youth group, and then went to Applebee's with some friends. It was all good, but that meant I couldn't answer my phone the whole day. All these wonderful people called me to wish me a happy birthday, and the day after my birthday (yesterday) I lost my voice, so I haven't been able to call them back. I've been sick this past week, and today I took half a sick day. Coughing is so annoying.

Tomorrow Iowa plays Florida International. My co-workers have dish, which means they get the Big Ten Network, and I've been told that I could watch it at their house. I'm also tossing around the idea of going to Fargo and trying to find my new dishes. I'll wait til I get them to tell you more about them. Stay tuned.

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