Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A lot of people sustain injuries at the Y. Now you can add me to that list - but with an uncommon injury. I was walking up to the workout area, carrying my iPod, phone, keys, water bottle and magazine. I'm still not quite sure what happened, but I think I caught my toe on the step - either way, I was falling, with hands full so nothing to catch myself with except one thumb. I watched it bear all the weight and then pop/bend in an awkward manner as it gave way to the weight. I took a couple seconds to regroup, stood up, reassured the concerned children who saw the fall that I was okay, and finished walking up the stairs. I stretched, rode the bike, and then ran a little, the whole time my thumb is throbbing because of all the blood pumping. It hurt so badly when I got home. And I felt like kind of a wimp, because it's essentially a jammed thumb - until I realized that it could only be compared to a jammed thumb if a ball hit someone with the same force of my entire body weight. Today it is extremely sore and all brusied around the joint.
And because it's me, the story doesn't end there. I made an egg casserole last night - which sounded like a great idea at the time. I woke up this morning, and with eyes half closed, trudged to the kitchen, turned on the oven, and pulled the casserole out of the fridge - forgetting about the thumb. It could not sustain the weight of the glass dish, and all it's contents, so those contents flew everywhere. Pan upside down. Egg everywhere. On the floor. On the rug. Splattered all over the inside of my fridge. Disaster. I cleaned it up - and because I just cleaned my floor yesterday, was able to salvage some of it to bake - threw the rugs in the washing machine, and proceeded on with my day - with a handicap.
Before you start thinking about what a whiner I am - I suggest you try to go one day where you can't use your thumb. It's extremely difficult. Bet you can't unbutton your pants - that was a challenge.
Oh, and for all you who are visual, Kara Anderson helped me take pictures so you could see what the thumb looked like.

And in case you think I just have fat fingers, I also had Kara do a comparison picture (which, for some reason, makes my one arm look more tan than the other)

I can hear my grandpa's voice in my head: "These are things that only happen to you."

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Kari, RN said...

Hey there!! I think I told you once that I check out your xanga site every so often, so it was fun to head over there and be redirected to this new blog. Yippee!! It's great to catch up on your life, and I'm so sorry to hear about your thumb incident! How is it feeling now?

Great to see you a few weeks ago now, and I hope all is well. I miss you!!