Thursday, April 10, 2008

I HATE this weather!!!

April 10th, and now begins a winter storm (it's technically spring, by the way) which will bring 8-10 inches of snow. The snow is predicted to start falling at 6 PM (it's a little early), and continue until 3 PM tomorrow afternoon! There are no words to describe how absurd this is.
I was supposed to have a productive evening and day off tomorrow with a lot of errand running, but now, I'm just going to watch a movie at Sara's, possibly get snowed in at her place, and come in to work because there will be no use trying to drive around Fergus tomorrow (also because I have too much stuff to get done). Not to mention that this dumb weather is stopping a number of my favorite people from traveling up to Fergus this weekend (that would be you, Cornells). Oh, and my triathlon is in 4 weeks, and my bike is still suspended from the rafters in my garage because I haven't been able to take it down yet.

I cannot live like this any more!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

i guess that means you don't want to hear about the weather we have been having...
conversation with kim:
me:(yelling) I can't hear you.
kim: what's all the noise.
me: my window is down, it's too nice outside, I can't bear to roll it up.
kim: (angry) argh!

Anonymous said...

hey girl. i met a hawkeye fan at church last night and well, was a bit verklempt. (look it up...not sure of the spelling). anyhoo. missed you this weekend, along one of my favorite daughters... :(

Brooke said...

So glad you joined the blogging world!

With a day like today, and supposed to be tomorrow, you'll hopefully get some biking in! If you want a little extra weight you can pull Harrison in the trailer we have!!